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Shongweni Community Animal Rehab and Rehoming (SCARR) focuses on the rehabilitation of animals. SCARR offers an entirely holistic rehab program based on an individual animal’s needs. We also run a community outreach program based in the Shongweni and Dassenhoek Townships in KZN.


We are a four generation family of animal lovers, who, for 45 years have been doing rescue and rehab and working alongside organisations such as Lost Souls, Animal Anti Cruelty, Highway Pet Rescue, Animal Action and many others.

Our entire ethos is bringing love back to the unloved. We rehabilitate animals with health issues, nutritional problems, fear and behaviour issues and ensure that we do this by working one on one with each animal and each rescuer.

In order to rehome a dog successfully, it is important that the rescuer understands each and every animal’s specific needs and that is where we come in. We rebuild broken bodies and souls and allow the rescuers to do their job which is to find the right home for each animal.

We believe that no animal is truly rescued until it is in a forever home. At SCARR each animal receives loads of love and attention, good quality food and any supplements that might be required.

We also run a “pay it forward” program at The Ark in Peacevale and in our local townships by providing primary medical care, sterilisations and food for the animals and education for the people regarding their animals. We fund this through donations and by running a well-established and highly recommended kennel facility in the Shongweni Valley called Yvonne’s Kennels.

SCARR Animal Rehab is a registered Non-Profit Company.

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